life in photos—March/April

I haven't been very regular with posting lately, but not because life has been dull. Life is made up of little moments that add up to a whole lot of busy

I like the weekly/monthly photo dumps others have been doing. It seems like a good way to share those little moments that in themselves don't seem to warrant an entire post. Here is my version to catch up you up on our life happenings:

Clockwise from top left: The girls in their Easter outfits from Grandma ~ Eva counting peas with daddy to determine germination rate (spring seeding has started!) ~ A visit from Ash and Annie and celebrating Ash's birthday with a chocolate cherry cake ~ A rare (but funny!) grumpy face from Brandon. He wasn't feeling so well, but mommy makes it all better ~ Kitty Zoe sunning in the living room ~ Eva enjoying lunch

We were able to make a super quick trip to help my nephew Oliver celebrate his 3rd birthday and meet our new adorable nephew Henry! He is darling, calm, and content. I could have held him all day long.

Last but not least, a phone photo dump. Clockwise from top left: Henry's knuckle dimples ~ My phone is full of shopping photos. Anyone else do this? Makes me laugh. I'm always shopping alone and taking photos to show my family later. This month was all about shoes- Tom's boots, Abby's basketball shoes (she is playing in some 3-on-3 tourneys) and Converse for Sarah in hopes that she can't wear through the rubber toes! ~ I finally hung some adorable animal prints in Eva's room that I purchased on Etsy ages ago. The girls rooms are tops on the list of priorities to re-do. Blue carpet be gone! ~ A ski meetup with the Dykstras and our last ski trip of the year. Halfway between us. So much fun! ~ Eva is my littel buddy and I love that I get to spend my days with her ~ stamp class ~ Sarah sign painting for Cheerleading ~ Abby won the county spelling bee for 3rd and 4th graders! So proud.