May Life in Photos

Now that it is July (what?) it seems like a good time to talk about what we did in May, right? Ack! My intention has been to do these Life in Photos updates at the end of every month, but life has a way of pushing forward like a train engine and never stopping for us to catch up. School let out right before Memorial weekend and instead of having lazy summer days we have only been busier. 

I hate it when I have to neglect this here blog so I will do my very best to catch up. So. May.

The Missoula Children's Theatre comes to our town every other year. It is such a great opportunity for the kids. They spend every night preparing for week and then put on a fantastic production. This year it was the "Secret Garden"—Abby played a goose and Sarah a flower. 

Abby has taken quite an interest in basketball this year—which is great considering her height. She has really developed in her coordination and understanding of the game. She participated in a couple of 3-on-3 tournaments this year, both of which her team won. She also won a lay-up contest! The photos above are of her little team (all fourth graders). Both Abby and Sarah have done some basketball camps since school got out as well. We are happy to invest in this interest because it is a well supported sport in our small community!

Just some random life photos... the kids don't stop growing and changing, especially little Eva! She is such a joy to have in our family. I will post about her 3rd birthday here soon! The photo (top middle) was the first rain we got in a good long time. The state of things was getting concerning until the clouds opened up around Memorial weekend and didn't stop until we had several inches of rain. Sooo wonderful!

On Mother's Day we enjoyed a lunch buffet and some cuddling time with my newest nephew, Henry. He is a total peach. Top left: Every year the K-2 grades do a Muffins for Moms performance. So much fun! This is Sarah with her little buddy Casha.

And how about a pet update? This is our "puppy" Benton who just keeps a-growin' (even since these were taken) and still insists on sitting on my lap. Ha. When we get home from somewhere and open the car door he will wiggle his way ALL the way on to my lap to greet me. He likes to ride around the farm with us too, but if we let him into the cab he always ends up on my lap. It's a little ridiculous trying to drive when I can barely see around him. I do enjoy how much of a love bug he is (the reason we wanted this breed) and he is starting to outgrow some of his puppy annoying-ness. Mia, our sweet older female, is so patient with him, as evidenced by the photos above. Sometimes his exuberance is not easy to take (who wants to be chewed on all the time?)

Now lets talk about those weathered deck boards and chicken wire railing, shall we? Projects everywhere. 

I'll be back soon with more updates (I hope). Still to come: our trip to Washington over Memorial weekend, Abby's dance recital, and Eva's 3rd birthday!!! I've had a few other projects up my sleeve I hope to share about soon also. So please don't abandon me and my sporadic posts. I love having you to share my adventures with!