Stampin' Up! Convention

I am going to attempt to post more from my phone since I tend to use my phone camera so often. I am limited to 8 photos this way, however, so this one will come in two batches.

When I left Stampin' Up! to move to Montana, I signed up as a demonstrator in order to maintain some contact with the company I'd dedicated 10 years of my life too. I casually sold enough to meet my minimums but was starting fizzle out and wanted to put my time toward new passions. Before I could drop, my long-time friend and ex-coworker Charlet had contacted me to ask if I wanted to attend the 25th anniversary convention with her. So, I persisted for one more year and registered!

Many of my 10 years working at SU! we're spent beside Charlet, but often our time together was filled with stress and obligation. It was so fun to have this time with her with no other agenda than fun (and shopping!) We both had earned some time to ourselves without toddlers in tow and made the most of it.

The convention had nearly 6000 attendees this year and it is difficult to describe what it is like to be among that much energy. Even though I wasn't really there for business reasons, I still found plenty to entertain.

In this post I've featured: Crowds! Giant main stage! It was so funny to see how many have embraced technology in such a few short years. Tablets and phones abounded and when a cute project flashed up on the big screens, thousands of small screens were in the air taking photos of it. Tweets and Instagrams flew and we navigated our schedule with an app. Loved it.

Also in this post: nail polish in the newest ink colors, and pictures beside some of my earliest catalog accomplishments. Lastly, lunch at Settebellos (always a favorite of mine). I didn't get a photo but we also had dinner at my all time favorite Thai restaurant (Pawit) with dearest Friend Paula. Food tastes soooo amazing when you don't get to have it very often. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.