first day of (pre)school


Today was Eva's first day of preschool! It is hard to believe that only 3 short years ago I was delivering Sarah to the very same school with a baby carrier in tow. 

I suppose I should be teary and sad that my baby is at this milestone already, but really I am just happy and excited for her. She is so ready for some new experiences. She will just be going two mornings a week for 3 hours each morning, so she won't have too much time to miss mommy.

So how did she do? Great! She was a little scared when her dad left her there... "Stay! Please stay, Dad!"....but got over it quickly. When I picked her up she marched up to me with a big smile on her face, then turned around and gave her new teacher a big hug and a kiss. So cute. 

I completely neglected to post the obligatory first-day pictures for my older kids as well when they started a couple of weeks ago:



They are both enjoying their new teachers so far. Abby is in 5th grade and Sarah is in 2nd. Growing fast!

In other news, we moved Sarah's things into Eva's room a few nights ago. She wanted to stack all of her mattresses together to sleep on, and even requested we tuck a pea under them. Request granted! She has been a little cranky these last couple of mornings... so just maybe we have a real princess on our hands... ?

This move means Sarah's room is all cleared out and ready for a big reno. We are really hoping to have it done by her birthday (October 1st) which is approaching much too quickly. Wish us luck!

So for those of you who stick around and read this blog for the house posts, I promise lots of juicy details for you starting next week. We have more than one project up our sleeves! 

Happy weekend!