August life in photos

I was enticed into doing a photo-a-day challenge on Instagram for the month of August, and it turned out to be so much fun! It was so fun to have prompts to take photos of things I wouldn't normally think of. As such, I have more photos than I normally do documenting our life last month, which turned out to be a good thing since I didn't blog or use my big camera much at all!

Here are all my photo-a-day photos (and then some. I marked the photo challenge prompts with hashtags):

1. Stocking up for harvest dinners. 2. Ty pulled a snake out of the shop! Fortunately not a rattler. 3. Hail storm devastation near Bozeman, MT. Disheartening. #yellow 4. Swathing canola #faraway below our house  5. we call this #red beast "Frank". 6. Playing in the back of the grain truck 7. The power went out right when I was starting to cook harvest dinner. I cooked it on the grill instead and it was awesome! 8. Cutting the mustard #midday 9. At the end of the rainbow is a field of gold! We were almost done when this photo was taken. 

1. Abby's 4-H sewing project 2. Eva's #closeup 3. Back to school shopping #diagonals 
4. #selfie  5. I #love this kid! This was taken in Belgrade at Tom's 20th class reunion picnic. He's getting old!
6. We had an awesome visit from Tom's Aunt Tari and Uncle Pete and had a blast showing them around our farm and hometown.  7. Our Missouri River  8. #taste  9. Slowly painting all of our blue trim brown. It's going to take awhile. It's a big #home!

1. Cousin sandcastle contests! #play  2. Ilona and Sarah  3. Hannah and Abby and their matching H&M shorts
4. Sacked out #stillness  5. A very hungry caterpillar #touch  6. Fun to decorate with these old Reader's Digest #books and their colorful covers.  7. My rock garden #floral  8. My grandma's old typewriter #something old  
9. Eva's #smile

1. Eva has grown nearly 2 inches since I made this growth chart! #numbers  2. Iced coffee #my fave thing  3. I love this Olivia book. Eva's favorite lately. #white  4. The endless cycle of laundry. #circles  5. Off-ramping for the weekend to celebrate the end of harvest. #sign  6. Eva again (oops) just because she's cute.  7. Farmer Tom brought me flowers. Straight from the field. 8. Sunflowers from our cover crop.  9. Harvest arrangement.