new quality rug pads

Note: I was offered free rug pads in exchange for a product review. All words and opinions are my own. I will only except offers from companies I would personally use or products that are relevant to my blog content or current projects. Don't miss the discount offer below!

When Rug Pad Corner contacted me about doing a product review, I wasn't really in need of any rug pads. I was, however, working with a client who was in the process of purchasing a new rug, so I agreed to accept a pad in the size she needed. They were kind enough to also send pads for the smaller rugs I had in my girl's bedrooms.

When the pads arrived, I was immediately impressed with the quality and wished I hadn't offered to give it away to my client! :)  In the end, my client was very concerned about having a no-slip pad, and the new pad they sent is not their best option for that. Easy fix—I simply swapped the new one out for my own 8'x10' pad and passed my old one along instead. Lucky me!

The first pad they sent was their SUPERIOR 100% felt rug pad. It has the following features:

• NON SLIP: No- Best used with rugs that do not tend to slip
• PROTECTION: Resists ALL penetration to your rugs and floor
• COMFORT: Enjoy a full 1/4″ or 3/8″ thickness
• FLOORS: Approved as SAFE for Hardwood, Laminate, Tile, Vinyl, Heated and all
• ORGANIC: CRI Green Label; No adhesives; Does not off-gas or smell
• ORIGIN: Made in The USA with GENUINE American felt
• NOTE: Superior does not contain rubber, so does not prevent slipping. Smaller rugs or runners should use Ultra Premium

It was my fault for not specifying a no-slip rug pad. Without reviewing my options, I had requested their thickest, cushiest option, and it is definitely that. Here you can see how much thicker it is than my old pad:


At $105 for an 8 x 10 (free shipping!), this pad came out roughly double what I spent on the nothing-fancy gripper pad I had purchased from Home Depot. So the million dollar question is—would I spend the extra money next time?  Yes, I believe I would. What I love most is that it is American made and uses all natural materials. And if you have family members who are prone to allergies, it would be an even easier choice since it is completely hypoallergenic and free of off-gassing and odors.

And in an 8 x 10 size, my shag rug is definitely heavy enough to keep it in place. With my furniture on it, I haven't experienced any slipping. For smaller rugs, however, you might want to consider this next option.

For the rugs in Sarah's and Eva's rooms they sent their Ultra Premium Pad.  $64 for the 5 x 7 size, free shipping.

•  NON SLIP: Yes-  Prevents ANY rug slipping on ANY hard floor
•  PROTECTION: Resists ALL penetration and stress to rug and floor
•  COMFORT: Enjoy a FULL 1/3″ thick comfort
•  FLOORS: Approved SAFE for Hardwood, Laminate, Tile, Vinyl, Concrete, Heated and all
•  ORGANIC: CRI Green Label; No chemicals; Does not off-gas or smell
•  ORIGIN: Made in The USA with GENUINE American felt and rubber

This pad still features the thick layers of felt, so they provide plenty of cushion. The girls have white laminate floors, so I was happy to see these are considered safe for laminate. No glue and natural rubber means there will be no rub-off or staining on those white floors. And with that rubber backing, those rugs aren't going anywhere! 

So, the verdict? I would absolutely recommend these rug pads to anyone. While it maybe isn't one of the most fun things to spend your money on (it is the behind-the-scenes supporting role to the showy leading role rugs), we can all agree it is pretty important to care for your most expensive investment: your floors. And nobody likes a shifty rug.

The Rug Pad Corner website is very well designed and easy to use, which of course appeals to my designer sensibilities. Click on over and check them out. And if you find yourself needing a rug pad for your own home, as a reader of this blog you get to enjoy 15% off your purchase by using the links in this post and entering the code REVIEW15 at checkout.

Thanks for reading!