Utah getaway

Tom and I had really been wanting to get away before the spring farm work kicked into high gear, so we finally decided to combine a little fun with a business trip and drive to Utah for a few days. We left the kids with my Mom and Dad.

Driving without kids for a change is liberating! We stopped along the freeway at the Calf-A for some yummy lunch. It's a cute little spot in an old school house. Once we got there we stayed a couple of nights downtown and enjoyed the views. 


The morning after we arrived we were pulling our car out of Marriott parking and the attendant suggested we might want to get a car wash. Ha. Yes, well, we had gotten a car wash only a week before but the next day it had snowed and rained. So, we took his advice and found the closest car wash which was one where you leave your car to be washed and go inside to pay.

When I got to the cashier she said "Was that your SUV that just pulled in?" 

"Well, yes".


Uh, normal life on gravel roads in the middle of Montana, I guess! Made me laugh. Welcome to the city.


Tom had lunch with his old coworkers, and I had lunch with some favorite besties:

Of course we made a point to visit some of our favorite restaurants: Red Iguana, Pawit's Royale Thai, Cheesecake Factory, Zupas, and Rumbi. We each gained at least 5 pounds on this trip, I'm sure.

Like I said, this was part business trip, and we did a LOT of shopping. This isn't the first time we've filled up a car with (mostly) Ikea merch, but this time it was mostly for clients. At this point we were wondering if we would have room for our suitcases!

We stayed two more nights in our old 'hood at our old neighbor's house. (No photos- ack!) We had a game night with them, just like old times. On the way out we did a little "drive-by-shooting" of our old house.

When we got back home my neighbor texted to say that their was a new for-sale sign in front of our old house and were we sure we wouldn't just want to move back? :) 

I did manage to buy a couple of things for myself, of course. We had a chance to visit the infamous HomeGoods store, which came to Utah about the time we moved. I wouldn't mind having one of these near home to frequent. Anyway, this cushy flokati rug was just too good to pass up. 


We could have used a few more days, but we were glad for the days we had. The weather was balmy and warm, and we returned home to Arctic cold. Brrr.