Eva is 10 months old!

Today Eva is 10 months old, so its time to document where she is at right now. I haven't kept a baby book or a scrapbook for Eva, so someday I will be very glad for the updates I've posted here. It is as much for me as it is for you. :)

What a happy girl! She loves to crawl and explore.

She pulls herself up to her knees on things, but she hasn't been brave enough to pull herself to her feet very much.

She had a blast playing with her cousin Oliver last week. She has started to be a little possessive, however, of toys Ollie was playing with and of her Grandma...

Bath time! Sorry, couldn't resist. I think Eva's baby chubs have her pretty close in weight to Ollie, who is 2 1/2 months older.

Special times with Great Grandpa. Grandpas are always good for having interesting things in pockets.

And Grandma is a pretty good substitute for Mom, but usually, this baby is still a big Momma's girl.

We unfortunately didn't quite make it through this month without a yucky cold and a run of antibiotics to heal up red ears. At least it has only been her second ear infection. She has been much luckier than her older sister's were in that regard.

Maybe due to her feeling better, this past week we have had some really good nights with several nights that qualified as sleeping through the night. I so love a good night's sleep!

Her hair is thickening up and still much darker than her sister's. Perhaps a little wavy, too. I just love her hair.

And no teeth yet!

Just lots of smiles, precious giggles and one sweet personality. We cherish every minute with her.