Eva is 11 months old!

Today marks Eva's 11 month birthday. I just looked back at her 10 month update (which seems like was just yesterday—how time flies!) and I realize that a lot happens in just one quick month.

At her last update, she wasn't yet pulling herself up to stand, and now she pulls herself up on everything. (The little scratch you see below her eye was from a kitty—not ours, thankfully—and we were lucky it wasn't any closer to her little eye.)


Also, last month she didn't have any teeth. This month she is sporting two new bottom teeth, and probably soon to get more! Teething makes her a little cranky, but in general it doesn't affect her too much.


She has been having the most fun playing with her magnets at the fridge and can usually be seen toting one or two around the house.

She is now sleeping through the night (most of the time—I don't want to jinx our progress), except when we are away from home. Last weekend when we were out of town for my brother's wedding we spent the first torturous night with her having nothing to do with her Pack n' Play. Instead she spent most of the night in the crowded double bed with us, causing us all to get way too little sleep. The next night we fastened her into her stroller, paced the hotel room until she nodded off, and got a full night's sleep with her tucked snug in her stroller the whole time! She also napped in the stroller during the wedding festivities. Whatever works.

It is hard to believe that in one more quick month we will be celebrating her first birthday. I fret about her growing up to fast, but surprisingly not as much as I remember fretting with Abby. Now I know how much fun they are as they progress (and how much easier things are when they are more independent) so I just embrace every milestone!