I ❤ Grandpa because he feeds me ice cream

Today little miss Eva is 9 months old! I thought I would take this opportunity to document where she is right now.

These photos demonstrate how badly I need to buy a decent flash for my camera. Oh well, blurry or not, they were too cute not to share.


Eva doesn't have a well-child visit until she is 1 year, so I don't know exactly how big she has gotten, except that I just had to dig out the bin of 18 month clothes (hand-me-downs) I have because she is outgrowing her current wardrobe. If Grandpa keeps feeding her ice cream she will surely grow out of these before long too. :)

Eva brightens everyone's day with her smiles and giggles. She is so sweet natured and a joy to have around. She has turned into a BIG momma's girl, though—probably because she has the benefit of having me around 24/7. I think she is a little more mellow than her sisters were at this age, but of course it is hard to remember exactly how they were.

She enjoys eating anything she can feed herself, so she eats lots of veggies and potatoes from our table, and gobbles up all kinds of fruit. Cheerios are her new favorite thing. She still won't take a bottle though, so the weaning process might be a challenge when the time comes! She doesn't have any teeth yet... so we still have that fun ahead of us. She doesn't drool like I remember the other girl's doing, so I'm not quite sure what is going on in her little mouth.


She is doing much better in the sleep department, sleeping through the night about half the time. Except the past week. Maybe those teeth are finally coming?

And the biggest milestone reached this last month is crawling! She is no longer stationery and I can no longer turn my back on her for even a second. She crawls the traditional way (no crab crawls or army crawls) and now hates to be stuck in anything where she can't move. The Exersaucer we got her for Christmas is now defunct, I'm afraid.

She pulls herself up onto her knees and looks very proud of herself. It won't be long before she pulls herself to a stand, so we'd better be lowering that crib mattress!

We just love this girl and are so happy she is part of our family.