eBay extravaganza

For a good long while now I have been wanted to upgrade my old Canon Rebel. It's been a great camera, but as I have learned more how to use it I have also learned its limitations.

I decided I was going to work for it the hard way, so I started an envelope of cash and slowly started saving. I got about halfway with a few odd design jobs. To earn the rest, I decided to start selling a few odds and ends that were taking up space in our storage room.

Here are a few things I sold and how much I got for them:

Two Pottery Barn quilts: Let's face it. These aren't cheap. But I got lots of good use out of them, and then was still able to sell them for a decent amount! I'm pretty sure I bought Abby's on sale. It went to someone in Sweden. The other one graced our guest bed while we were in Utah and was in great shape.

Our old Sony Handycam: Well, this wasn't a cheap camera when we bought it. So it kind of hurts to think about how much we wasted. We didn't use it much. But it certainly wouldn't be worth anything sitting in a cupboard gathering dust! My new camera will have video built in and I know it will get used so much more that way. Who wants to carry two cameras?

Smith Corona Typewriter: Nobody wants these. And some things are hardly worth the effort to sell. I should have donated it to our retirement community instead.

IBM (First model!) and manuals: Now this was a surprise. We could have thought same as above, "nobody wants these". But its been around long enough to be collectable. Both the computer and manuals are going to someone in Belgium that seems like he will appreciate them very much. Score for me, score for him.

Eames shell chairs: You might remember when I bought these chairs off of Craig's List. I wrote about it here. Well, I decided I only wanted to keep 2 of the 4 chairs I purchased. The money I made from these 2 chairs easily covered the total amount of money we spent in that storage unit that day!


I have had my sights set on the Canon 60D for some time, along with the Canon 580 flash. I easily have enough money to buy it now. But I'm wavering. I did better than I expected on the eBay stuff, so now I am wondering if I should reach a little higher (okay, a LOT higher) and go for the full sensor Canon 5D. (Choke.) I would have to save a little bit longer. I'm almost there, but not quite. (I still have my old Rebel to sell (after I buy my new camera) and an old Kirby vacuum cleaner.) And I wanted to buy that flash, too, which would improve my photos immensely. If I stick with the 60D I can get the camera, extra battery, the flash, and still have money left over to buy a new vacuum cleaner. (I love my Dyson but it has seen better days. And with my pets and all this carpet, well, let's just leave it at that.)  What would you do?

Enough rambling. Have you had any great selling experiences lately? You all know I love a good Craig's List find. Now I am equally as hooked on selling what I don't need. I'm all for making donations too, but if it is worth something, I love to put the money to better use on something I really want.