Atomic Ranch magazine review

As I mentioned before, I received my first issue of Atomic Ranch this weekend. (If you missed it, its a magazine about midcentury ranch houses.) I was anxious to devour it, and I did just that on our 5 hour car ride to Red Lodge last weekend. (How luxurious to have time to sit and peruse a magazine front to back in one sitting!) Anyway, the first thing I noticed was the lighting on the front cover:

They looked pretty familiar. Remember this?

Most of the homes featured in the magazine take a purist approach to preserving midcentury architecture and design. I don't have a problem with that, per say, but most of these homes were also designed by famous architects like Eichler and Cliff May and have beautiful details like post and beam ceilings and hardwood floors. The house on the cover was very well preserved (original double ovens even!) and so they were able to keep the original cabinets and many other features.

I suppose it makes me feel a little guilty about all the things I want to change rather than preserve in my house. But our house was built a bit later (early 70's, whereas this magazine usually features homes built in the 50's and 60's) and really, would they be as game to preserve popcorn ceilings and shag carpets?

Another great home in this issue did show a kitchen that was was almost all new (aside from the original cabinetry which was refinished.) I had to laugh when I saw the original photo though. Bowling-ball blue laminate counter tops! Would you keep them?

The reason they sited for changing them was that they were "falling apart at the seams". I wonder if they would have kept them if they were in perfect condition.

I did really enjoy the magazine and even though I won't be keeping every original detail in my house, the magazine still provides plenty of inspiration for how to preserve the character of our home. I plan to get some of the available back issues to soak up even more ideas.