Kids are awesome (Part IV)

My kids haven't quite figured out how to survive a Montana winter. They are getting antsy to get out of the house. It is March first and everyone I know is starting to fret about the fact that winter hasn't let up once since November. (I honestly don't remember a year when snow covered the ground THE.ENTIRE.WINTER.) But having grown up here I am keenly aware that winter could hang on for 2 more months. I hope it doesn't. But it could.

The other day the girls decided they wanted to try to play some basketball. This scene cracked me up. First, they tried to dribble the ball in the snow and quickly realized that wouldn't work. Then they tried to shovel the snow off—only Sarah grabbed a rake instead of a shovel. (And actually tried to move snow with it.) Even better is their clothes: sweat pants and rain boots? They have perfectly good snow gear. Abby is in a light spring jacket and has a neck warmer on her head. Being the good mom that I am, I just sat back and watched them suffer. Not surpisingly, they were inside 5 minutes later complaining about cold toes and begging for hot chocolate.