a new business venture

I've had a little something up my sleeve for awhile now, and I'm excited—and a little nervous—to finally shout it from the rooftops. 

Since our move from Utah 3 years ago I have really enjoyed taking a break from working and focusing instead on settling in to our new life on the farm, staying home to raise our little Eva, and working on our home remodeling project. 

Though our house projects are nowhere near complete, now that Eva is going to preschool it seems like a great time to ease back into the workforce. (Not that staying at home is any less work—I've definitely learned that! Cheers to the hard-working-stay-at-home-mom workforce!) In any case, I have missed designing and am anxious to take on a few projects for others.

Although I will always love doing Graphic Design and intend to keep doing so, this time I am really excited to add interior design to my repertoire, and maybe even some photography! (I am not a professional photographer—I've worked with enough amazing photographers to know my limitations, but I do enjoy doing creative photography projects and can hold my own.)

From a young age I have had a huge passion for interiors. It was only because our in-state colleges had dropped their Interior Design programs that I decided to branch out into Graphic Design instead. I have no regrets, and I believe my Graphic Design training was great for both disciplines. Since I have moved back to Montana it has been the Interior Design opportunities that have fallen into to my lap, so I am just embracing the chance to do what I have always loved! 

My portfolio mostly consists of projects in my house at this time, as well as few display rooms I designed while working at Stampin' Up! I hope that will soon change, however, as I have been hired by my first client to help remodel her entire house. We have been working on this project for several months and I hope to be able to show you more as we near completion by the end of the year!

I hope you will take the time to check out my website www.joellynclarkdesigns.com, and recommend me to your friends!

staircase art

I recently tackled a project that cost me nothing other than a bit of time.

In my college Photography 101 class I did a project that involved shooting (and developing) a series of photos. I did my project on "Old Montana" and had fun shooting relics and landmark buildings as we drove across the state on a road trip.


The photos aren't anything to brag about, but they are meaningful to us and worthy at least of the cheap frames I bought for them a long time ago.

To make the collage a little more interesting, I added a couple of quotes that related to the "old Montana" theme. The letters came from an interesting novelty item I thrifted awhile ago. It is a box of letters used for old-time movie titling, complete with adhesive and a black felt background. The box sits on my craft room shelf, and even though I thought it had artistic merit on its own, I thought it would be fun to actually do something with the letters.

I tacked the letters up with glue dots, so they can be easily changed if I tire of the phases.


I'm happy with how my little vignette turned out!