a new bed

A good mattress is crucial for a good nights sleep (so is a sleeping baby, but that's beside the point), and we decided it was time for a new one. We first opted for a Simmons Ouderrkirk (when we were told it was the very same mattress as the Westin Heavenly bed), but what they failed to tell us was that it was a "comfort swap", meaning someone had slept on it for 30 days and decided they didn't like it. We could tell right away it had been slept on and immediately did our own comfort swap. This time we choose this non-pillow top variety that wouldn't compress as much and leave dents, but would still provide plenty of cush.

Tom wanted to go with a King-sized bed this time, which means buying a new bed frame also. For now, the mattress sits on the floor. One bed I have always liked is this Farmhouse bed from Pottery Barn:

It's much like our old Queen-size bed we bought from Ethan Allen. I've seen it before at Down East Home in Salt Lake for half price, but not quite sure we can haul it home (if we are even lucky enough to find it on one of our trips to visit). I have seen plans for it on Ana-White, so maybe we could built it?

Or we could go with a more sleek style like this:

or this:

But both of these options are more than I would like to spend. We also need to buy new bedding eventually. I have no idea what I want so I'll probably just wait for something to jump out at me. For now we are getting by with our old queen bedding (except for the sheets). If you don't make your bed, it doesn't matter what it looks like anyway, right? :)

So can you help me out? What do you like? Have you seen any beds or bedding out there that you just love?