all stitched up

Hi there! And how are you on this fine Monday in June? (June? What?)

At our house, we finished up school (Friday before Memorial Day) and summer is officially in full swing. The sudden lack of schedule has sent me into a bit of a tailspin, really. I'm not sure how to function. The upside is that now that I don't have the daily bus runs and calendar of after-school activities, so I'm feeling a bit more able to tackle projects.

World's most inconsistent blogger here. I set myself a goal to blog 3 days a week (for the few of you who take the time to come here, I'd like to actually give you something interesting to read), but frankly, last week I just didn't have the motivation to blog. I seem to go in spurts. Sometimes I want to blog and share, and other times I just want to get to work creating things to blog and share. The two don't seem to happen simultaneously very well. But I digress.

Projects... last I wrote I showed you these lovely fabrics I had just begging to made into something beautiful:

I'm happy to report that might sewing machine was dusted off and put to work. I asked you to guess what they were for. Don't you just love guessing games? Ha. I don't.

But if you guessed "window treatments", you were right. Here's a peek.

Unfortunately I'm not quite ready to give you a true reveal because I still need to tackle the caulking and painting of the window trim before I hang the new panels. The curtains are for the windows in our kitchen/dining room. Tom finally found a few spare minutes to put the trim up last week, and now he is handing the baton to me. I confess painting trim isn't my favorite job.

As for the other fabric, I had other plans. I've had the fabric for a long time, intended for reupholstering a chair I acquired for free in the mother-of-all-storage-unit finds on Craig's list. This is what it looked like before:

It's a pretty cute little Danish number that beige blah fabric did not do justice too. It was stapled on sloppily and the seat wasn't attached for lack of proper screws, I suppose. 

I stapled the new fabric on, then used the old fabric and some ribbon trim to finish off the underside—you know, in case the little mouse under my chair cares.

Now the chair has a sunny new disposition.

Easiest project ever. Not sure why the fabric sat unused for so long. I had a bit left over so I made some little curtains for the playhouse under the stairs. A perfect accessory for puppet shows and the like.

More projects are in the works, so check back soon!

sewing project

I have two large and lovely rolls of fabric at home, just begging for me to get my sewing machine out and dust it off. Both are Robert Allen prints that I scored at 50% off, but their coordination is an accident and I wasn't intending to use them together. Any guesses what I'm making?