Eva's room

I posted photos of our ranch house back in August, but they were from before we moved in so they had my Grandpa's stuff in them. At the time I had a few requests to post what they look like now with our own furniture. I've been a little hesitant to do that since we have done anything yet in the way of decorating. In fact, there are still a few places that aren't put together at all and are full of unpacked boxes. Nevertheless, I'll make an effort to show you some of the rooms as we get them (somewhat) put together. And you can start contributing your decorating ideas, right?

So, here is Eva's room. I have plans to paint (blue just isn't my color!), recarpet, and add new baseboard trim. I'd like to put new trim around the windows also to replace the builder grade stuff that is there.

Eva's sheet and crib skirt were sewn by our dear friend Paula of Compelled to Craft fame. So cute! The crib bumper was from Pottery Barn back when Abby was a baby. It doesn't match the best. I would just take it off except I'm afraid of little limbs getting caught in the rungs. :/

The leather chair was my Grandpa's and purchased in the family auction. Tom has claimed it for his "man cave" for later. The quilt over the back was given to us by a friend and I just love the colors in it.

Everything from the floor to the walls to the trim in this room is BLUE. I can't wait to paint the walls a nice neutral and the trim white. I think it will make the built-ins stand out nicely. We took the doors off the front of the built-in (I still need to remove the track) and I use it to store her diapers, dirty laundry, and bags for garbage and dirty diapers. I'd like to get some nice baskets for her shelves eventually. The counter is a bit high, but it still works quite well for a changing table. The drawers and cupboards in the foreground provide ample space for her clothing so she doesn't really need a dresser. In the future when she doesn't need her crib and rocker anymore, this room is going to seem awfully bare!

We also have room for a twin bed in here. I bought this Shabby Chic bedding from Target for Abby (when she was going to share a room with Sarah) to coordinate with the bedding Sarah already had. But then we decided Abby would move downstairs and use the queen bed that was previously a guest bed, and so this bed was moved to Eva's room. (Its great for the many times I'm traveling to her room at night! Sometimes I end up just sleeping in there). That means the bedding doesn't really match her crib bedding. By the time we had decided on that arrangement I had thrown away the packaging and had used it for a month so I couldn't take it back. Oh well... she won't be in her crib forever.

So, there it is. One of the many undecorated rooms in our house!