Eva—6 month update

Eva reached the 6 month milestone on Saturday so we had to have a little photo shoot. I've chuckled at various Photographer friends of mine that post about 20 photos of their kids that look virtually the same because they can't narrow it down any more than that. I love it. Well, this momma can't bear to leave out any adorable chubby faces either. I started out with the intent of picking one good photo. You're really lucky there are only 8 posted here. I took about a million.

At her checkup today she weighed in at:
19.2 pounds (94th percentile)
27 inches long (86th percentile)

She is almost sitting completely on her own. She still topples over sometimes.

We think it won't be long before she is crawling, too. She does very well with her tummy time and rolls all over the floor.

In the food department, she doesn't seem too interested in eating from a spoon. We have tried a few things (mostly fruit and sweet potatoes) to test the waters and usually we are met with a grimace and a turned up nose. But hey—she has no lack for nourishment and I guess she will eat when she is ready. I was excited when yesterday she had her first bottle of formula and she drank the whole thing without complaint, even holding her own bottle. I was surprised because she has actually had very few bottles. I'm not planning to wean her any time soon, but it is nice to know she will take formula in a pinch.

In the sleep department—oh, the sleep department. Well, lets just say we have some work to do. She has a very very strong attachment to nursing and doesn't want to fall asleep without it. This presents a problem with night wakings because she always needs me to nurse her back to sleep. (For like an hour.) She wakes at least 3 times a night, sometimes a lot more. Most of the time I give up and bring her to bed with me because its the only way I can get some sleep. I'm really hoping bottle feeding her once in awhile will help.

And I am reading this book, thanks to a friend's recommendation:

Because I'm soft, I guess. Actually, I let her cry sometimes. I just refuse to let her cry for hours, and I'm afraid that is what it will take to get her sleeping through the night.

All I can say is, while I would really really really love to know what it feels like to my first full night of sleep in at least 6 months, I wouldn't give up the cuddle time I have with this sweetie for anything. Even at 3 in the morning.