back to school

The blogosphere is buzzing about back to school and I must to my part. Here are the girls, excited and ready for their first day. They woke themselves up at 6 AM this morning and were ready by 6:30, even though we don't have to leave our house until 7:20. 

Aw, don't they look cute? School shopping was a bit of a challenge to fit in this year but we had time for a couple of new outfits. I tried not to interfere with their choices but smiled a little when Sarah chose her cowboy boots. Abby has new cowboy boots too and is looking forward to getting a few western outfits to go with them. Oh boy.

And this is my little Kindergartner. (Only don't call her "little" to her face. She is a BIG girl now.)

Kindergarten is serious stuff here. All day, every day. She seemed very unruffled and not at all nervous.

She even gets to ride the bus with her big sister now. It would have been WAY to embarrassing to pose for a photo by the bus, so I had to sneak this one on the fly.

We took this next picture in front of the combine to show that we are still harvesting. Most years these machines are parked away before school starts. Not this year—we still have at least a week left!

The girls have their first soccer practice tomorrow night. I'm not sure if we are quite ready for summer to be over and for our lives to be structured again, but ready or not, here we go! Happy back to school, everyone!