Eva turns 5!

I truly cannot believe my baby is 5 years old today. 

I both love it and hate it. She is more and more independent which definitely makes life easier, but it also marks the passing of a big stage of our lives.

This one is full of personality, though she might not let you in on it right away. She has her Dad's sense of humor and her Mom's persnickety preferences. She has her biggest sister's kindness and her bigger sister's precociousness. And plenty of her own individuality. She definitely completes us. 

She asked for a rainbow party this year. (It's never a character with her. Instead it's a color or an idea, like "umbrellas" or "pink and purple".) Sarah made this banner for her, and dressed her in one of her old dance costumes. Sarah had fun playing the roll of party planner.

Eva graduated from Preschool this year. They had an adorable end-of-year program, as usual. In the photo below, Eva is on the far right, second from top. She clapped for herself after every song. :)

We are thankful for the excellent foundation her teacher, Mrs. Briese, gave her.


Eva is all signed up to go to Kindergarten in the fall. Here is she dressed up for Kindergarten Roundup.

She even made the front page of the paper that week!

We love you forever, Eva! Happy 5th Birthday!

Another year older

Today Abby turns 8 (eight!) and Sarah just had her 5th birthday. We opted for another combined small family party, but this might be the last time we do that. It complicates things more than it simplifies. (I still made 2 cakes!)

Here are some pictures from their celebration. It was special to have Nana and their cousins come to help them celebrate.


^ What does this do?^ Whoa!^ Sweeet! Cofetti!^ Now you try it! ^ We can't forget about Farmer Dad's birthday.Read about Tom's birthday present adventures here. Another October birthday month come and gone!