Zoe the cat—update

This is our cat Zoe. I introduced you to her before, shortly after she came to live with us. 

Zoe has now taken over the house. And we let her because she does her job VERY well. She catches mice and leaves them on our porch for us daily.

We try not to mind when she leaves her gifts inside the house. Or when she poops in the planter (yes, it happened once.) Or when she sleeps on the counter. Or when she takes over the dog bed and makes Mia find a new bed in the corner of the kitchen.


What I do mind is when she sharpens her claws on my new basement carpet. We have a few snags to prove the indiscretion, unfortunately. Short of declawing her (why would I do that to a fabulous mouser?), how do I get her to stop doing this? I bought a scratching post and some catnip, but so far all she wants to do is nuzzle up to it and roll in the catnip smell. Help!