best laid plans . . .

. . . sometimes go awry. 

Of course, we are remodeling, so that is to be expected. The biggest hiccup we've run into to date is this: our (supposedly) custom front door we ordered more than 2 months ago arrived—not custom at all. The guys showed up to install it they didn't bring the windows we ordered with them, so they wasted their entire day. The door was okay, but the sidelights attached were not full glass as I ordered (they had fiberglass frames so the actual glass was only about 6 inches wide). On top of that, the whole unit was 2 inches too small (because they didn't custom build it like they said they would!). Big fail on their part. Now we are reevaluating and starting over—trying to decide if we will give this shop a chance to fix their mistake or start over with someone new.

We have been ordering a lot of things online for the kitchen. We have a big delivery from sitting our entry.

The big box in the back is our Cavaliere range hood. It was a great price (maybe too great—you know what they say, "you get what you pay for"—at least it looks nice).

The other two boxes are our new Ticor sinks. Great zero radius sinks at a great price also. I did some research before settling on these and felt like so many others you pay mostly for a name. They seem to be good quality in person. But . . .

Look a little closer:

The corner is bent. Luckily this is an under mount sink and the bent part will be under the counter top. We are going to try to bend it back ourselves, hopefully without damaging the visible part of the sink. It seems easier than dealing with the trouble of returning it.

We are still plugging away in our makeshift kitchen slash laundry room.

Not perfect, but so much better than washing dishes in the bathtub.

It does get a bit interesting when we have to do laundry in our "kitchen".

But at least we can.

Our living room is feeling a little cramped also. The fridge is off to the right here, the dining table and buffet are taking up more than their share of space, the piano is permanently draped with a sheet to protect it from construction dust, and the 2 main entrances are sheeted with plastic. Oh yeah, and the dog has claimed her residence in the corner also. We'll be quite glad to air out this room again when all is finished!

Plugging along and going with the flow . . . it wouldn't be remodeling without a few snafus! Thanks for following our adventure.