celebrating one

We were away last weekend, so I was only able to sneak off one little post from my phone. But away or not, we couldn't miss at least a simple celebration of Miss Eva's first ever birthday. Who would want to miss an opportunity to watch a little cake smashing?

Not Eva. She enjoyed smearing that chocolate all over her white sweater. Before we got smart and put on a bib.

I'm afraid I can't claim this cute little cupcake cake. But we are planning another little celebration now that we are back home, and of course I won't miss the opportunity to make one this time.

The weekend prior we met up with Tom's parents and watched her open her first birthday gifts. So fun!

I know I say this every month, but we just treasure our baby and could not imagine life without her. She has such a sweet little personality (even if it is a bit hard to uncover when she doesn't know you very well). I love the skeptical stares she gives people as she sizes them up, and then the little grin that follows as she shyly buries her head in my shoulder.

No walking yet, although she crawls like a champ and cruises around furniture on her feet. She loves to climb up to the piano while I am playing and reach the keys. She loves it even more if I'll pick her up and let her play, especially if I play along with a song that has a really good beat. 

No talking yet either, at least nothing discernable, but she babbles like crazy with great inflections in her voice and just loves to tell her sisters off or shush them. (SSSssssss!)

Still only 2 teeth, but I think the top ones are coming soon. (Didn't I say that last month?)

1 year stats:  weight: 22 lb 10 oz (75%)  length: 29.5 in (64%)