closet clues

They say your closet provides many clues to what colors you might like in your home. I decided to test the theory.


If its true, my home should be filled with lots of neutrals and a few pops of color. It would be filled with texture and natural materials like leather, and include just a few scattered prints. Sounds about right! I decorate with a lot of greens, though, and that seems to be missing in my closet.

So, yes, I am aware I have lots of shoes and boots. I have lots of clothes too. Actually, half of them are hanging in Eva's closet right now. I've found I don't need half as many now that I'm not working in a professional office. Its hard to let them go, though! I'm going to have to pare down though if I am going to make these closets work.

This is our closet wall:

There is a nice bank of drawers between our two closets, which is handy since we don't have a dresser. I need to draw up some plans for how to accommodate a larger master bath, and I will also need to decide of those plans should include a walk-in closet. More space would certainly be nice. But then I would probably have to let go of these funky closet doors. And part of me thinks I should just simplify and meet the challenge of only keeping what fits in this closet. That might be a tall order.

One thing I know for sure, if I keep this closet I am going to need to install a proper closet rod.

We have this same contraption in our hall coat closet except the end cap on the rail is missing on one side. So when you scoot the coats over to get one out, several go sliding off the other end. Hmmm... good thing closet rods are cheap!

So, what should I do? Keep the closets and get rid of clothes, or keep the clothes and build a bigger closet?