Let the farming begin

Spring farm work has begun with a frenzy, and our guys have started to spend long days outside to prep for spring seeding. There is anxiety and excitement in the air—almost like harvest time. This year we purchased a new (used) seeder that arrived in our yard yesterday:

This piece of machinery is a monstrosity and staring up at it gives me great respect for guys that have to figure out how to use this vitally important tool. If you thought buying a new car or a new computer was overwhelming . . .

Here is the old seeder that we traded in for the new one:

(The bit behind the tractor. The new one will be pulled by this tractor also.) I could not begin to tell you what is special about the new one, although I do know that it is bigger and they can cover more ground with fewer passes. I can also tell you that the guys were a bit giddy when it arrived!

It will be exciting to see a new season unfold. (We arrived on the farm last year in June, so we missed spring seeding.) Already the winter wheat (planted last fall) is starting to grow and carpet the ground with green. A sure sign of spring!

So let the spring farming begin!