a new toy

Ever since we went camping in the Uinta's with our friends this summer, Tom has had a little dream of owning 4-wheelers. Since we've planned to eventually buy a trailer anyway, this meant we'd need a way to haul the 4-wheelers too. Thus, the idea of buying a toy-hauler emerged.

Tom has a way of working me I think. Because, as adamantly as I insisted we wait until next Spring to put in our RV pad, then buy a trailer, and then maybe buy 4-wheelers, before I knew it we had acquired 2 4-wheelers. Tom had a buddy that wanted to buy new ones, so he was willing to sell his. Okay, I admit, it probably was a pretty good deal. Then, we found out Tom would be traveling more frequently to the job in Page, Arizona that he has been scheduling for. The job is falling behind schedule and they have need of him to be there about 3 days every week. So, he worked out a deal to get extra money for them to cover his living expenses while he is there, and he is spending that money to buy a trailer to live in while he is there. Here is our new toy hauler:

The inside is quite nice. In the back there are 2 drop down queen beds. Then the dinette and couch fold out to beds, and when we pull the 4-wheelers in, they completely fold out of the way. (The back drops down as a ramp.) In the front there is another queen bed and the kitchen and bathroom. So, maybe I'm a pushover, but I do admit I like it a little, and I'll be looking forward to using it once it is back up here when Tom's job is done, around April we hope.