a weekend in Bear Lake

The world's greatest neighbors and our dear friends, the Riches, invited us to spend this past weekend with them in Bear Lake. We love Bear Lake. It is so beautiful there, so even though the weather has been too cold to actually do lake activities, we jumped at the chance to go up there and spend some time with them.

Scott's family owns a "cabin" there (if this is a cabin, my dad is the president). Actually, they share it with another family. Both families are quite large, so they use this cabin quite frequently, and there is often a crowd there, so it is easy to see how they would need so much space.

This is the view of Bear Lake from their deck.

Dad, if this is anything like your vision to retire in a house by a lake, I get it. Being here, I really felt the "family togetherness" they must have when they come with their extended family. There are activities for everyone: a tennis court, trampoline, swing sets, sand boxes, ping pong tables, etc. We didn't even leave the house when we were there, but really enjoyed ourselves. Here are a few photos of the memories we made:

Thank you Scott, Amy, Jaxon, Zachary, and Tyson, for the fun weekend!