Tom and I launched our vacation in New York City!!! A first time for both of us. We stayed at the Sheridan Hotel and Towers right near Time's Square. (Here's a photo of Time's Square.) Yup, it looks just like you'd expect it to. (Only it isn't a square. Weird.) We went to a play right near here—Spamalot—which is a spoof on Monty Python stuff. It even had Clay Aiken in it. Pretty funny stuff, but I was so tired from taking the Red Eye the night before that I had a hard time staying awake. For dinner we ate at Connelly's, an Irish Pub (Tom's choice) and it was very good.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the girls are at home with Grandpa Rog and Amma (Benjamin). They were so good to come stay with them while we are gone. Nanna is going to take over after the first week.