More NY

You really can't do New York without going to the top of the Empire State building. It was pretty gray when we were up there (and wow is it pricey!) but it was fun once. We navigated around NY like nobody's business and had a lot of fun riding the subway. My iphone was the best thing for navigation (Google maps!)
We rode the Staten Island Ferry to (duh!) Staten Island—a free ride! It sails by the Statue of Liberty. These are our friends Dave and Koreen (they use to be our neighbors) and they met us in NY to be our fabulous tour guides. We had a great time with them.
Dave tried to take our picture in front of the Liberty when we sailed by, but it was VERY windy, as you can see. Actually, it was quite cold the whole time we were there, but I didn't care. I LOVED every minute of it!
This is Dave standing in front of a building getting it's windows washed. (Dave is a window washer himself.)
We stopped by the Ground Zero site. There was construction fencing around the whole thing since they are rebuilding now, but they have this little memorial set up by a new subway station they put in there. Even though quite a bit of time has past, the mood still seems really somber there. It seems like there is a big hole in the skyline when you are standing there.

We went from there to hunt down a Thai restaurant called "Lemongrass Grill". It was worth the search.

This is a picture of the New York Stock Exchange. The security around there is amazing (there was actually 2 guys with machine guns standing right behind me when I took this picture!
Tom is looking off the edge of our balcony as we disembark. As we sailed off we got an even better view of the Lady Liberty!