catching up

Slap me on the hand. It's been... nearly 2 weeks since I've posted. Well, that is a sign of how the last 2 weeks have been. Busy! Last week was a little rough since it was my first week back to work. I was really tired when I got home everyday, which was a challenge considering everything else we had going on. Starting with Becky, we really enjoyed her quick visit. We took her to a new Thai restaurant, and it is a place we will frequent often in the future! Very yummy. (It's called Pawit, for you Utah locals). I'm even trying to recruit Becky to work at Stampin' Up! :)

Then, we had Riverton convention, and mixed in, a visit from our dear friends, the Raineys. They took us out for a yummy meal at the Melting Pot and we all left feeling a little over-satisfied. You know how that goes. In any case, we love our time with them. Between being sick and having company, we missed more of convention than we'd have liked, but maybe we can get more later in the year.

Monday night Tom had to travel down to Page, AZ for work, so I went over to Paula's house (a coworker) to have a picnic and walk around the little lake in her neighborhood at Daybreak. It was a beautiful evening and the girls enjoyed watching the ducks and throwing rocks in the water. I actually took this photo on my phone, of all things! I was impressed with how well it turned out.

This weekend we have plans to travel up to Lava Hot Springs. The Raineys will meet us there for a night again (on their way home from Park City) and the Coopers from Bozeman are in Pocatello for a wrestling tournament and will meet us there as well. Also, Becky and Jill are both in Pocatello, and I'd love to see Jill's little one!

Medical update: I am feeling much, much better this week. I'm getting a little energy back, and am actual starting to feel.... normal! I'll try not to let so much time pass before posting again. Bye for now!