Lava Hot Springs

We had ourselves a mini summer vacation this past weekend! It was such a fun and relaxing time and we feel rejuvenated, even after only a weekend. (Well, our house is a disaster and I barely have the time to update our blog, so the rejuvenation doesn't seem to last long.)

Friday night we headed up and checked into the house we were renting. We had time to grill up some hot dogs for dinner and then headed down main street for a walk and a stop by the park and the ice cream shop. For more photos of our trip, check out our kodak gallery.

Saturday morning we drove up to Pocatello and had a yummy breakfast with the Bunkers. Becky and Jill were both there visiting, and it was fun to see Jill's sweet baby Zoe! John and Roxanne are such proud grandparents. Big surprise, considering how darling this little doll is!!!

After a couple hours with the Bunkers, we headed over to meet the Coopers at Holt Arena where Brandon was participating in a regional wrestling tournament. It is quite an accomplishment to get to the regional level at his age! They followed us back out to Lava where we met up with the Raineys and spent the afternoon at the pool with the kids and floating the river with the "big kids". It really is a fun little town. That night we all enjoyed a BBQ and time to visit.

The next morning the guys enjoyed a quick round of golf, and then the Coopers had to head out early as they wanted to beat the heat. It turns out their air conditioning went out in their 'burban. There probably couldn't be a worse time for that—it was probably a miserable ride home. Meg, I can't believe I managed to not get any photos of your kids while we were there! I know you took some- please share if you can :)

There is a even a little Thai food restaurant in Lava, so we ate there for lunch with the Raineys before we all split. It wasn't half bad! (Granted, I've become a bit of a Thai food "snob" as I've discovered my affinity for it this year. I've tried just about every Thai restaurant I've come across from here to Australia, so to find one in a small town like this that has decent food is quite an accomplishment!) So, it was a great weekend, and we love spending time with our wonderful friends. It is hard to say goodbye.

"Back to life, back to reality". Tom had to head back to Idaho for work yesterday morning, but he got back again late tonight, thank goodness. It is hard to keep this ship afloat without him. Daddy is our anchor! :) We are looking forward to spending THIS weekend close to home. We have plenty of things to do around here!