a playdate with 'amma

We had a great visit from 'Amma this weekend. The girls were very sad that she had to go back home. They know how to milk 'Amma for everything, of course. It will take me all week to un-spoil them again. :)

She played with Sarah's favorite toy, Polly Pockets. And she played with Abby's favorite toy, her pearl beads.

Grandmas are so great.

Here is Abby, showing off one of her latest creations, a Lego parade float. What an imagination.

Yesterday we made Amy's pizza, to a chorus of fire alarms. Apparently our super-sensitive alarms don't like my oven to be turned on that hot. Our ears hurt, but the pizza was good!

Then we sat down to watch the Super Bowl. A day ago you'd have asked me who I was rooting for and I would have said I couldn't care less about football. But alas, today I say I'm a Cardinals fan. It was a pretty great game.