Playing school

Tonight Abby wanted to play school. "Let's pretend all the boys were being rowdy and had to be sent to the principles office." "Let's pretend that my friend Eliza and I are the smartest kids in the class." "Mrs. Clark, let's pretend...." After the 40th "let's pretend" I decided I'm not cut out for this anymore. I'm not sure when pretending ceased to be fun, but I think its sad that we have to loose our imaginations when we grow up. Instead we have to worry about getting the dishes done.

I did learn a few tricks about how to use this to my advantage:
"Let's pretend this homework is the work we have to do in school today. Abby, will you read this book to the class?"
"Let's pretend that today is pajama day. Class, go put on the pajamas you brought to school with you today."
"Class, we have a visitor today. The dentist! Isn't that great? He is going to demonstrate how to brush your teeth!"

Uh-oh, Sarah has taken to calling me Mrs. Clark.