life at home

So, it's 10:26 PM. I'm lying in bed about to drift off when I hear the telltale pitter patter of Sarah's little feet across the tile floor. We always know it is Sarah coming by the speed of her patter. I'm not really surprised to hear her coming even though she has been in bed for over an hour and a half.

She comes in to my room with a bright smile on her face and says "Igot sirsis on my fed." Huh? "I got sirsus on my fed". Huh? When I make her repeat herself over an over again to try to decipher what she is saying, she get's more quiet each time until I say, "Sarah, speak up. I can't hear you". Then she yells. "I got circles on my feet!" Oooohhh. Perfectly logical.

I pick her up to examine her "circles". On her toenails? The bottom of her feet? I don't get it. Then I find them. Two identical little puffy circles, one on each big toe. "Ouch, Sarah, those are blisters! "No", she says with a giggle, "they're circles. I go down slide". I ask, "How did you get them? She says "They're really awesome."

Apparently she is really proud of her "circles". But now I'm thinking it might be time to buy her some new shoes.