May flowers

This weekend I declared war on these:

On their side, a very large army. On our side:

Our neighbor's Weed Hound. A great warrior. Worked like a gem. Also on our side: beautiful weather.

After a war comes peace and prosperity. Time to plant. Here are a few things I planted this weekend:

Cowhorn and Mexibell peppers; lemon basil, cilantro, and oregano; Early Girl, Grape, and Patio tomatoes; Spaghetti squash

Annuals: Snapdragons, Viola, Petunias, and Sweet Alyssum

This beautiful rose bush . . .

. . . which produces the most beautiful lavender roses. We had lavender roses at our wedding. Aaawww.

A few tulips standing tall among the daffodils:

Sarah planted a little Chia pet at her babysitters a few weeks ago. He reminds us of Grandpa Rog 'cause he's a little bald on top. Except for the spiky hair.