catching up

I've noticed several blog posts lately with the title of "catching up", a sign that we aren't the only ones filling our summer up (with things other than sitting in front of a computer). We've filled our summer with so much fun that in the midst of it I sometimes forget it is supposed to be fun. Does anyone else have that problem? This weekend is our first weekend home in over a month. That leaves my to-do list a mile long: yard work, laundry, washing car, errands (leaving updating the blog at the bottom of the list.)

So with that, I will work at filling in the blanks this week. These first sweet pictures are of Dane and Sarah at convention. Such great playmates! (Thanks, Amanda, for the photos!)

Notice the rain boots? They are courtesy of the odd amounts of rain we got in the month of June. We've enjoyed how green it has made everything. July looks to be much more hot and dry, however . . .