island park

A great way to spend a summer weekend: camping and 4-wheeling in Island Park. See more pictures here.

^ Cousins in the creek: Tristin and Hannah

^Like father, like son: Lee and Tristin

^ Dashing Dawson

^ Sarah peeking out of the trailer

^ Order up a marshmallow and I'll cook one for you that's perfectly golden brown. Yum.

^ A moose sighting

^ Tawnya daring to get dirty.

^ Lee and Dawson: not so daring!

^ Cousins in the camper. (Don't ask me what Tristin is doing.)

^ Sneaking off with the treats (Sarah and Maddy)

^ Yummy spaghetti! (Maddy)

^ Irresistable Ilona

^ Covered in mud

^ Covered in mosquito bites