4th of July

We spent our 4th of July weekend on the west coast, stopping for work in Portland, and then making our way up the coast to see Tom's brother Tim and family in Blaine, WA.
(Warning: I've posted a lot of pictures, so don't curse at me if this post loads slowly. I could have posted even more, but I thought I'd be nice and post them here instead.)

^ We took the scenic route up to Washington . . .

^ . . . and managed to see the bumpers of lots of cars.

^ Oregon wild flowers

^ A quick stop at the beach

^ An old shipwreck

^ Crossing the bridge over Astoria

^ We pulled into Blaine later than planned, but were greeted with a beautiful sunset.

^ Tim and Petra's beautiful home

^ Enjoying the local parade and car show (The Ford pictures are for you, Dad.)

^ Sweet Sofia Marie

^ Playing in Elijas' room

^ Walking down the hill to the beach for dinner

^ Images of Blaine

^ Down by the bay . . .

^ More beautiful sunset pictures

^ Fireworks over the bay

Thanks, Tim and Petra, for the great hospitality! We had so much fun.

On our way home we enjoyed a visit with cousin Lori in Seattle. Unfortunately, I forgot to get my camera out. Good to see you Lori and Greg!

We covered a lot of miles for one weekend, and we are glad to be home again.