a trip down memory lane

While we were at the farm, we made a trip to the bookstore, where I purchased books to keep the girls entertained. Abby's choice was an American Girl book called "Doll School". It came with lesson plan folders, stickers to make books, easels and chalk boards... all kinds of great stuff to teach school to your dolls.

Abby has never been very into dolls, but after buying this book she immediately started begging for an American Girl doll. (Not a purchase you make flippantly, mind you, at $100 a pop.)

I went digging in the back of the closet of my old bedroom, and I came up with a treasure. Remember these?

This Mandy and Jenny. They were first made the year I was born. They aren't in perfect shape, having been colored on, hair cut, clothes lost, and toted around who knows where, but I am so glad my mom kept them anyway. They brought back many memories and I enjoyed seeing Abby enjoy them too.

My mom made these dresses . . .

and this red coat . . .

And to add even more to the sentimental value of these dolls, my late Grandma Florence crocheted these adorable hats and sweaters for them.

One of the draws of these dolls were the sewing patterns you could buy to make clothes for them. I wonder if you can still buy sewing patterns for dolls today? (Somewhere I have a picture of my mom in a dress made out of the same pink stripe/floral fabric as the dress she made for my doll. How cool is that?)

Needless to say, Abby had lots of fun playing school with Mandy and Jenny. Here is their "class" photo:

And school pictures (the background came with her book!)

I know. I'm such a girl.