harvest memories

Whew! What a busy week. It's about all I can do to fit in our summer chores; yard, laundry, housecleaning . . . when we are never home! It is all worth it, however, as we've had so many privileges.

It's high time I posted about our trip up to the farm to help with harvest. Here are a few of my favorite photos of the trip:

ˇ This is truly Big Sky Country.

ˇ Sarah rides the truck with Uncle Ashley

ˇ Wait, Grandpa Rog! Wait for me!

ˇ Sarah waters Grandma's flowers

ˇ Making root beer with Jan

ˇ Celebrating Aunt Ruth's birthday (and snitching the frosting off the cake!)

ˇ A ride on the combine with Grandpa

ˇ The pea field Tom swathed

ˇ "You been farmin' long?"

ˇ Riding out the sunset

Thanks for a great week, Mom and Dad!