I {heart} cork floors

Yesterday I mentioned that we would like to put cork floors in our basement. My husband and dad are a hard sell, however, so I've been gathering photos and info to help them see the vision. Today I came across these photos from realcorkfloors.com, and I am positively drooling.

Real Cork Floors is a website dedicated to educating people on the benefits and beauty of cork, and they do it well. Cork is a great floor for below grade. It is warmer to the touch than wood, and it is more cushiony. It wears well, too. And another big bonus: it repels mold and insects—a perfect fit for the basement.

One of the big sales pitches for cork is the fact that it is an environmentally friendly option. It is actually harvested from the bark of oak trees, so the bark reginerates itself without harming the tree!

Someone asked in the comments yesterday if I would consider doing it in the entire basement (rather than just the traffic areas). Yes, absolutely! I would love it. However, I think it might stretch the budget too much. And Tom really likes the feel of softer carpet in the bedrooms and living area. So compromise it might have to be. Now cork stairs—that I am intrigued with! We'll see.