basement floor plan

Here is a look at our basement floor plan, if you're interested, and a breakdown of the changes we are making. I created this on, which is a free tool, by the way.

1) Every exterior wall and most of the ceilings were gutted to allow for new duct work and insulation.

2) The back storage room has no windows, but it is a large room so we decided to finish it out for a media room (or Tom's man cave as we lovingly call it). On one side we want to install a little kitchenette, which would be really nice when we eventually tackle the upstairs kitchen remodel.

3) To allow for a larger media room, we relocated the closet in the guest room. There was a pipe in that corner we needed to conceal anyway, so the closet covers it nicely. The guest room is still quite large, and we sold the sectional that was in there before.

4) Out with the old carpet! Please don't put sticky back carpet/padding in your basement. The main room has to be painstakingly scraped off the cement still. In with the new (probably carpet again, except in the traffic areas where we will do cork.)

5) The bathroom is gutted to make way for a new travertine tile and vanity. Only the toilet stays.

6) The family room will share space with a craft room for me. Yay! We are updating the lighting throughout the basement as well.

7) Abby's room gets mostly cosmetic changes with new flooring and lighting. I'm hoping to get new bedding for her for Christmas and we'll surprise her with a newly decorated room (hopefully). Shhh, don't tell her!

8) The second storage area stays and is completely full of our basement furniture right now.

9) We are going to do a fun little play cubby under the stairs.

10) Oh yeah, and the stairs will get a makeover too: new railings and floor.

11) Since we destoyed most of it anyway, we are going to update all the molding, caseing, and doors.

This project should take us well into the new year, and it might be all we accomplish before the busy farming season kicks in again! Oh well, we do have lots of smaller projects we can do in between the big ones. Like stripping wallpaper. And painting. Much to do! One of these days I will show you the upstairs floor plan and wish list.