Seeking advice: Craig's List find

In my daily scour of Craig's List I found this bedroom set:

It comes with 2 night tables,

this long dresser,

and this bed. (I don't really want the bed. We need a king size bed.) Providing they are in good condition, I'm thinking they would be nice to refinish for our bedroom. She is asking $150 for everything. What do you think?

This is the bed we want to build:

If money wasn't an issue, I would want to buy this dresser ($649) and night tables ($249 ea.) from CB2:

I love them. But money is an issue, and so I am motivated to find a cheaper option. Would the Craig's list option work? They are definitely the retro/modern style that I think would work in this house.

Confession: My biggest hesitation is this: See the photo of the dresser (second from top)? See the arm sticking into the frame? I had to crop the photo because the little girl attached to that arm was inappropriately dressed. As in NUDE. I'm not sure what to make of it. She didn't have the photos posted on Craig's List so I had to e-mail for them. Her e-mail started out "I apologize about the pics". And then she launched into a description of the furniture. Apologize for what? E-mailing them late? The quality of the photos? The naked girl in them? What???? Maybe she was really in a rush or has them in storage and this is the only photo she has and she didn't know how to crop them. I don't know. But its creepy.

So, what should I do? Buy these? Splurge for the new ones? Wait for a better option?

Oh. And while I'm at it, here is another one. We need a table/desk for our office. I like the shape of this one, but not the color. It would need refinished too. Is it hard? Am I asking for trouble if I buy a bunch of stuff that needs refinishing? It's supposedly Oak, but doesn't say if its solid. They want $50 for this set, and I would have to turn around and resell the chairs.