the difference between #1 and #3

I was contemplating whether or not to dress Eva for a trip to town or let her spend the day in her pajamas, and it struck me as a bit funny. Because this: I would have never missed an opportunity to dress up Abby when she was a baby. With Eva, the pajamas won, no contest. That isn't the only thing that has changed.

First baby: Her clothes must be adorable.
Third baby: Her clothes must be comfy and cheap. (Knits rule!)

First baby: You want every gizmo and toy available to entertain your baby.
Third baby: Teething? A spoon will do.

First baby: You carry around a bottle of hand sanitizer for everyone to use while holding your baby.
Third baby: You let your 5-year old stick her finger in the baby's mouth to sooth her.

First baby: You are careful to introduce only one new food every few days to avoid food allergies.
Third baby: You don't even blink when Grandpa tries to feed her ice cream.

First baby: Her first year is chronicled in a beautiful scrapbook.
Third baby: Not one photo has been printed.

First baby: Every milestone is carefully recorded in her baby book.
Third baby: Every milestone is blogged about!

There is nothing like a first baby. Everything is new and exciting and you are ripe with the desire to be the best mom you can be. But there is a lot of sweetness in just relaxing and enjoying what comes your way the third time around too. I love being a mom!