basement progress

You'll have to forgive my sporadic blogging as of late. Things have been a flurry around here as we prep for the holidays and work on the house. We were fortunate enough to have my Uncle Dave (professional dry-waller!) come to help us for a few days, so the guys are working hard to get that phase complete while he is here to help them do it right.

The stair walls were in rough shape after removing the panelling, but we are going to do a skip-trowel texture throughout to help cover the flaws.

I like how the kitty is checking things out in the photo above. Little did she know this was the last look she'd get for awhile. I banished her back outside now that the temps have creeped above zero again. She has a cozy place in the garage so don't feel too sorry for her. She crapped in the house.

Abby's room is looking a little brighter with new sheetrock and no more brown carpet.

Here Tom and Dave are prepping to sheetrock the ceiling in our media room. Thanks a trillion for your help, Uncle David!