cloth diapers

I am very seriously contemplating going the cloth diaper route. I've been inspired by various friends and family, and this blog post. The diapers I'm considering are these by Bum Genius.

They are adjustable and should last until she is potty trained. I would buy the ones with the snaps, however, because I've heard they last longer than the velcro. This particular kind has an insert that goes inside. They also have an organic cotton variety that is all-in-one. It is more expensive but seems convenient, too.

My mom thinks its pretty funny that I'm considering going that route on my third (and probably last) baby. She did cloth diapers on her first two, and thought it was a luxury when she could do disposables with her third baby.

The reasons I think I might like cloth this time are:

  1. I am staying at home with this baby.
  2. My little Eva has a sensitive little bum, and I'm hoping cloth will minimize her rashes.
  3. It is a bit of an initial investment, but I will quickly make up the cost of what we are spending on disposables (as in just a few months). Eva goes through a LOT of diapers a day right now.
  4. We burn our garbage here on the farm to reduce what ends up in our little landfill, and the disposables don't burn very well.
  5. I have a new high-efficiency, front load washer, so I should be able to keep the diapers washed with a reasonable amount of water/energy.
  6. The company I linked to above will give you a 30 day period to try them and return them if you don't like them.

BUT, I am also skeptical for a few reasons.
  1. Its not just the diapers you need. The diaper shower (which attaches to your toilet) comes highly recommended. Also, you need a pail and liner. Of course I can just use any old garbage can while I'm trying them out, but it's a lot of money to spend if I don't end up liking it. (But, I can send them back if I don't like them, apparently!)
  2. I can't decide. Will I like the insert? Or is it better to go with an all-in-one?
  3. I've heard line drying them keeps them stain-free, but with the Montana weather, that might not be possible many months out of the year.
  4. I'd like to get by with 12, but as frequently as little miss Eva needs changed, I might need to get 18.
  5. I've noticed cloth diapers can add a lot of bulk, especially the pre-fold variety. I'm not sure how these will be. I don't want them to restrict her movement.
I need to make the decision fairly quickly because I'm running out of diapers. I have taken to buying my diapers online in bigger boxes, and having them delivered right to my door, so I can't leave myself too short! :) Can any of you cloth diaper users out there offer any advice?