Farmhouse Tour Part IV—Living Room

(Note: These photos were taken before we moved in as the house was with my Grandpa's furniture still in it.)

^ This is looking into the living room from the dining area.

^ Looking from the living room into the hallway back into the bedrooms. My grandma always had a fish tank on this shelf, which was made by my uncle Raymond. Pretty cool—except we are took it out to open up the room and make the layout work better with our furniture. (We kept it, R & K, if you are interested in having it!)

^ The painting on the wall was done by my Grandma. She painted quite a bit, along with her photography and other hobbies. I remember her working on this one.

^ The carpet in this room is pretty cool. My Great-Grandma had the exact same carpet in her house. I'm told that was an accident! Anyway, it's lasted for years and is probably in the best shape of any of the carpet in the house.

^ Pretty sweet furniture, yeah?

Tomorrow—wait for it—the bathroom and laundry room! I bet you can't wait! :)