Sarah is 6!

This past weekend we celebrated the 6th birthday of our little Sarah! (I hope she doesn't mind if I call her little. Actually, I'm pretty sure she would mind, but I refuse to stop.) 


We love you so much, Sarah, for your boundless energy, funny quips, and creativity. You know how to push your bounderies and your parent's buttons, but we wouldn't trade your spunk for anything. You have enough personality for SIX kids!

6 things that made your birthday memorable:

1) You didn't share it with your sister (who's birthday is in 2 weeks) for a change. This time it was ALL about Sarah.

2) We had a birthday breakfast of pancakes at Amma's house before our morning of soccer games.

3) Birthday gifts were simple this year because the big gift is a trip to California and Disneyland this month. You got spending money!

4) You got to spend the evening on a "date" all by yourself with Grandpa and Grandma. I'm pretty sure they spoiled you rotton.

5) You wanted a princess cake so Mommy attempted a castle. (I'm pretty sure your sister wants a DQ ice cream cake, don't you think?) You look so beautiful and grown up.

6. Your friends brought a piñata to share and it was full of candy that you stuffed your faces with the rest of the day!

Happy Birthday, Sarah! We hope it was special for you.


Unfortunately, Sarah also got the flu for her birthday and had to stay home from school today. We are bracing ourselves for the worst and expecting it to run its course through our family this week. Today the guys started hauling grain, so instead of working in the yard I am tending to my little sickie and also tending to my neglected house. This yard project was all-consuming last week. Hopefully we will be able to get back at it and finish it before cold and snow beat us to it—updates coming soon!