landscaping project

When I get started on a project I have a hard time stopping to blog about it. And especially when I have the guy's dedicated time to the project, I must take full advantage of it and work work work.

We are waiting for cooler weather and much needed rain to begin our fall seeding. Many farmers in our area seeded anyway, but the ground is dry and hard and it doesn't hurt to wait a little longer for better conditions to give the seeds a better start. In the meantime, my yard project that had been stalled has been started again—full steam ahead. Let's see if I can give you an idea of what we are working on:

Earlier this summer I dug trenches and installed edging along the hillsides in our lower yard. We are bringing in some large rocks and plants, then we will lay weed fabric over this area and landscape gravel over the top.

My poor lilacs (that had to be mowed to the ground this year) grew back with a vengeance but now are in sore need of water and weeding.

These are some of the big rocks waiting to be placed. We drug these in from the many rock piles around the farm (rocks that at one point or another were drug out of the fields!)

The other side of the yard gets the same treatment: large rocks and plants, weed fabric, and gravel. We also have a large, overgrown juniper and some other small (dead) plants to remove along the house.

Back to the east side of the yard: Earlier this year we dug the old plants out of the cement terraced planters. Now we are bringing in some manure from our corral area to richen the soil. Then we are planting a few perennials and bulbs. 

Next to the beds is the big daddy project of them all—a rock staircase. I am giddy about this! It is looking so very cool. More details soon.

And finally, this poor little bird bath needs a new home. The landfill, maybe? But it reminds me of my Grandma and so it might just find its way to another corner of the yard for nostalgia sake . . . and for the birds' sake. And to entice the birds away from my railing (and quit covering it with their little white gifts).

Updates on our progress coming! For now I must go get to work.