Operation Lose 10 pounds-Week 1

You might ask how I am doing since I made my big commitment. Not that great. Usually in the first week of a diet you see your biggest results. But last weekend I had a party. And it was Valentine's Day. And we had this:

and this:

and candy, and cookies, and dessert.

It wasn't really fair. I started out really good, but when I made cupcakes (twice) I had to make sure they tasted okay before I gave them to my guests. Of course. I've passed on most of the candy (except for maybe 2 tiny skittles), I passed on the cookies, and I had only a small piece of dessert after Sunday lunch (angel food cake which is practically air.)

I might have to work a little harder if I want to see any results on the scale.

I did serve this at the party too:

Don't these veggies look colorful and scrumptious? They were. Mmmmm.

So, since it will be a few more weeks before I can get my treadmill set up, I am thinking about picking up a couple of workout DVDs to try out. Do you have any suggestions? I'd love to try some basic yoga to limber up, and I'm a little intrigued with the dancing type videos (Zumba, anyone?). Although I am very uncoordinated. I really want some simple workouts that I can do in half-hour stretches since it is hard to find a stretch of time longer than that to dedicate to anything. Help?